Bill Prosser

Bill Prosser is a librarian for the Dublin (Ohio) City Schools.

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Newbery Club Wrap-Up

Even though their Newbery Club of 5th graders didn't read the winning book in advance, Maria Caplin and Bill Prosser consider the club a success.  They close out their series on the club with thoughts on how they will do things differently next fall.

Starting a Newbery Club with Students

If you want to re-energize teen and tween readers in your school, start a Newbery Club.  These voluntary groups read, discuss, and take their best guess of which book will win the coveted award in mid-January.

Launching the Newbery Club

Bill Prosser and Maria Caplin continue their series on a Newbery Club for 5gth graders in their school.  In this installment, they write about the launch of the club.