Bill Bass

Bill Bass is a former middle and high school English teacher who now works with teachers as a Technology Integration Specialist and an adjunct professor of educational technology in St. Louis, Missouri. He is Co-President of Educational Technology Association of Greater St. Louis, a Google Certified Teacher and a past member of the NCTE Executive Board.

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The Basics of Teaching Internet Search Skills to Children

Bill Bass provides a range of search options for students, and encourages teachers to promote different tools in different contexts.

Creating a Digital Footprint

What's your digital footprint like? Bill Bass shares some simple suggestions for ensuring that when people Google you, you'll like what they see.

The Power of a Hashtag for Districtwide Reading

Bill Bass shares the power of creating a hashtag for celebrating reading in the school community and beyond all year long.

Collaborative Brainstorming

Bill Bass shares a creative way to integrate an online tool for brainstorming into professional development sessions. This tool is especially useful for including introverts in conversations.

Goal Setting with Google Spreadsheets

Bill Bass describes how to set up tracking of common classroom assessments and student assessments in Google Spreadsheets.

Screencasting Professional Development

Bill Bass explains the nuts and bolts of creating screencasts to replace professional development sessions.

Technology Is Not a Reward

Bill Bass explains why teachers who are still using technology as a reward are far behind their colleagues in integrating computers and applications into workshops.

Teaching Search Skill Basics to Students

Bill Bass has advice for teaching web-based search skills to students.

Giving Audio Feedback to Student Writing

If you find yourself buried in student work that needs a response, you’ll enjoy suggestions from Bill Bass for using a nifty new online tool.

Collaborative Conferring

Bill Bass helps a group of teachers set up a conferring document in Google Drive that allows everyone (teachers, specialists, and administrators) to share insights on young readers they work with throughout the day.

Creating Video with Students: Tools and Tips

Bill Bass gives advice and provides resources for creating video with high school students.

Collecting PLC Data with Google Forms

Bill Bass uses Google Forms as a tool for assessing the learning in professional learning communities and refining his role in supporting teachers. Included is a template for you to create your own Google Form.

Helping Students Evaluate Online Video for Research

Even if your district is blocking web video now, it's not going anywhere. As time goes on, schools will rely more and more on video available from the Internet for research and learning. Bill Bass has practical advice for helping middle and high school students assess everything from suspect sources to appalling comments on the Wild Wild Web.

A District Film Festival: Giving Kids An Authentic Audience for Their Work

Lights, cameras, and even a red carpet!  Bill Bass documents how a film festival brought high school teachers and students together, with a strong focus on connecting district goals and standards to the fun projects.