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Walk Arounds: Gathering Data to Test Assumptions

Do you have a tattler in your midst?  Not a child, but a teacher complaining about the work habits of a colleague? Jennifer Jones explains her proactive use of walk-arounds to gather data and confront misconceptions.

A Thanksgiving Take on Differentiating Instruction

Kathy Collins looks around the holiday table and discovers that differentiating instruction is similar to hosting a Thanksgiving feast.

Kathy Collins on Literacy Homework (PODCAST)

Kathy Collins reconsiders homework for personal and professional reasons in this podcast and generates ideas for homework resulting in fewer tears and more authentic learning.

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Reflection Sheets: A Tool for Assessment and Conferring

Franki Sibberson explains how “reflection sheets” work as an assessment tool in her classroom, replacing detailed notes from conferences.

Data Cards: Assessment Profiles at a Glance

“Data cards” are ingeniously designed to allow an entire grade-level team to look at the reading levels of all students in the grade. In this four-minute video, “The Sisters” (Gail Boushey and Joan Moser) explain how they work.