Writing Poetry with Elementary Writers


Writing Poetry with Elementary Writers offers ways to nudge elementary students into becoming poets.

Classroom observations are some of the most valuable learning experiences. Yet there is no way you can see everything when visiting a live classroom. Our Field Experience collection allows you to virtually discover diverse field experiences and see instructional strategies that pique your interest, as well as learn about the art of teaching. Additionally, if you need a field experience that works with your schedule and accommodates for social distancing, Choice Literacy’s Classroom Field Experience course is the perfect fit!

The Field Experience collection is organized by topic and grade level, and consists of more than 15 unique field experiences. This field experience includes video observations and several companion articles to deepen your understanding of pedagogy and inspire reflective practice.

Whether you are a classroom teacher looking for inspiration, a preservice teacher hoping to see pedagogy in action, an instructional leader searching for top-notch models, or a professor striving to find rich observation opportunities, this course is for you. Our Field Experience collection is curated by topic and grade level.

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Course Curriculum

Getting Started with Writing Poetry

Ruth Ayres gives a brief overview of conditions that help students get started writing poetry.

Poetry from the Heart

Poetry can often evoke strong emotions from students. Consider how to honor students' feelings while also including a teaching point.

Seeing the World in New Ways

Helping students see the world in new ways is the beginning of writing poetry.

Playing with Forms

Poetry forms can offer students inspiration when writing poems.

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