Immigrant Experiences


The Immigrant Experiences bundle includes access to three book guides: Momma’s Khimar by Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow; Home is In Between by Mitali Perkins; and Gibberish by Young Vo.

Book Talk


We know you’re busy, and it can be overwhelming to reach for a new and unfamiliar book to share with students.

Our book guides are designed with you in mind! We know you don’t need fluff or pretty activities,  instead we get to the heart of what you need to know in order to expand the representation of books you share with students. 

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What You’ll Get

  • Full access to three book guides including:
    • Book Talk videos to build curiosity among students.
    • Videos develop by in-the-field educators with clear (and fun!) insights into the author’s craft to lead students to  a deeper understanding of the book.
    • Useful Question Charts for each book to engage students in purposeful conversation.
    • Thoughtfully designed questions for the varied conversational needs in a classroom.
    • Additional ideas to connect each book to other authentic reading and writing experiences.

Our book guides are created and vetted by in-the-field educators. They hold true to the tenets of giving students choice and voice in their reading lives, while empowering a teacher to expand the representation of books shared with students.


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