Honoring Our Students’ Stories


Stella Villalba teaches us how to discover, honor, and share student stories throughout the school year. With special attention to English learners, Stella walks educators through a process to intentionally honor the past and present of all students.

What You’ll Learn

  • Build an awareness of scholars who help shape culturally responsive teaching.
  • Expand your connections to many cultures, not only the dominant culture.
  • Consider different cultural archetypes and their impact on literacy instruction.
  • Create more space for a variety of storytelling throughout the school day.
  • Learn to reach out to families to deepen cultural understandings and develop stronger relationships with students.
  • Plan seasonal celebrations that are inclusive of many cultures.

What You’ll Get

  • seven keynote presentations by Stella Villalba
  • 15 guided invitations to put ideas into practice in your own classroom
  • more than 35 members-only articles and videos from the site
  • a handbook to guide your learning and reflection throughout the course
  • a Certificate of Completion indicating six hours of professional learning

More Details

It’s important for all of us to appreciate where we come from and how that history has really shaped us in ways we might not always know and understand unless we ask.

—Sonia Sotomayor

Many educators wonder where to begin in shifting their mindsets and instructional practices to connect and honor all cultures and identities in today’s classrooms. As we recognize the way the dominant culture limits meaningful connections to every student, we know it is time to make changes. What is the first step?

Stella Villalba warmly and directly guides us in opening our minds to a more inclusive classroom community. By sharing current research and practical classroom examples, Stella helps shift paradigms and construct new knowledge. The additional content curates a variety of perspectives from contributors such as Jennifer Allen, Nawal Qarooni Casiano, Shari Frost, Debbie Miller, Dana Murphy, Heather Rader, Matt Renwick, and Ruth Shagoury.

Grab your notebook, because at the end of each session, you are guided through reflective practice entries to put the ideas into play in your classroom. (Course released in 2021.)

This course is included with Literacy Leadership and Literacy Team memberships.

Course Curriculum

Greetings from Stella

Discover the student identities around us.

Scholars to Follow

Build an awareness of scholars who help shape culturally responsive teaching.

Embrace All Cultures

Embrace all cultures, not only the dominant culture.

Cultural Archetypes

Learn differences in cultural archetypes.

How Stories Are Told

Consider how understanding of culture influences the way stories are honored in our classrooms.

Families as Funds of Knowledge

Reach out to families to develop a deeper understanding of your students.

Seasonal Celebrations

Plan seasonal celebrations that reflect many cultures.

Meet Your Instructor

Stella Villalba

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