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Mary Brower has served education for 31 years teaching elementary, middle school, university level, and coaching.  Currently, you can find Mary partnering with k-5 teachers as an instructional coach across the Wawasee School District in Indiana.

Mary is passionate about lifting educators through example and partnerships.  She shares her experiences in education by writing for Choice Literacy, facilitating learning experiences for The Lead Learners, and speaking at state and national conferences such as IASP and the PLTW Summit. 

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You’re Not There—Yet!

Mary Brower considers ways to support risk-taking in classrooms. She shares a simple process for reflective practice that helps fuel professional growth.

 Bridging the Gap (Session 1): The Sold a Story Peel

Mary Brower shares a professional learning experience that peels back the layers of the Sold a Story podcast to help teachers find common ground in reading instruction. Includes a template for a guided conversation.

Empowering Teachers and Building Relationships

As a traveling coach, Mary Brower was overwhelmed by the amount of things she was. One day when the load felt too big, she heard joy spilling out of a classroom. Stopping to look into the classroom led to a powerful connection with a teacher…and a realization about what a coach really needs to carry.

Coaching Minute: The Gift of Time

Instructional coach Mary Brower shares an idea to give the gift of time to teachers.

Coaching Minute: The Importance of Patience

Instructional coach Mary Brower reminds us of the importance of patience, especially with ourselves.

Coaching Minute: Taking Risks

Instructional coach Mary Brower encourages us to notice leaders and teachers who are taking risks. Couple a quick note with an inspirational story, and you will build strong professional connections needed for meaningful leadership. Download a copy of the inspirational story.

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