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Jodie Bailey is a math specialist in Ohio working with middle school students. Because of her love for children and books, she originally planned to be a kindergarten teacher. Her career path took her in an unexpected direction, and she earned a doctorate in mathematics education from the Ohio State University. Jodie has been in education for 27 years, serving as a classroom teacher for grades 3, 4, 5, and 7, an instructional coach, a testing coordinator, and an instructor for college methods courses. As past president of the Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Jodie has been able to learn from many educators through conferences and social media. In her work with students, Jodie aspires to create learning environments where students can develop their identity, find their voice, and build upon their assets.

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Empowering Students Through Thinking Routines

Jodie Bailey shares practical ways to nourish students’ thinking routines in her math classroom. She is inspired by Peter Liljedahl’s book Building Thinking Classrooms.

Sparking Curiosity: Developing Ownership of Learning Through “What If” Questions

Jodie Bailey encourages us to use “What if” questions in all content areas to give students the space to use their innate curiosity to engage in meaningful learning.

From a Blank Canvas to a Community Space

Jodie Bailey approaches setting up her math classroom as a blank space with an invitation for students to engage in establishing identity, creativity, and collaboration.

Listening and Learning: Using Conferring to Better Understand What Students Are Thinking

Jodie Bailey shares the importance of conferring with students during math to reinforce what students are doing well and differentiate instruction.

Still Thinking: An Opportunity to Pause and Think Deeply

Jodie Bailey provides a structure to give students more time to think through ideas and problems. By using this practice, students gain ownership for their learning.

Feedback Through Conversations: An Asset-Based Approach

Jodie Bailey focuses on the importance of an asset-based lens when conferring with her students in math—and all content areas.

Math Debates: A Powerful Sense-Making Routine

Jodie Bailey shares a powerful practice of math debates for students to explore a problem with discussion and evidence to discover the correct solution.

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