Trish Prentice

Trish Prentice is a kindergarten teacher in Austin, Texas, where she shares her passion for good books and good fun with her lucky students and colleagues.  She is an avid crafter, and creates beautiful literacy keepsakes for her friends near and far.

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Books, Books, Books

Parents of young children may be drawn to text tied to movies or other pop culture filler books.  Trish Prentice shares a letter she sends home to families to encourage even the youngest learners to find books and authors with a little more staying power.

A Community of Parents: Connecting via Email

Email is a terrific way to communicate with parents—Trish Prentice has practical tips for keeping it simple and saving time when using email.

Make it Personal

The connections we make with students and families are what we remember most when all is said and done. Trish Prentice has thoughts on what changes a respected teacher into a beloved teacher.

A Congenial Parent Night

Invigorate your parent night with these suggestions from Trish Prentice.

Parent Contributions Beyond Instructional Support

Parents want to contribute, but not all contributions are welcome or even helpful when it comes to teaching children how to read and write. Trish Prentice has suggestions for making the most of family skills and willingness to help.