Jodi Mahoney

Jodi Mahoney is a principal in New Jersey. She’s written two professional books on teaching writing to young childrenĀ  and shares her passion for the teaching of writing with the staff and students in her school.

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What I Learned About Teaching Writing from My Trainer

Jodi Mahoney applies principles from one process to another in comparing writing and working out with a trainer.

Educating Parents on Supporting Boys

Jodi Mahoney shares insights from research on boys' literacy that is useful to share with parents in presentations.

Reaching Boy Writers

Principal Jodi Mahoney and teachers in her school embark on a quest to understand boy writers better, and re-evaluate their writing workshops as they read, talk, and take some risks together.

Taking the Lead by Teaching

Jodi Mahoney explains how being a "teaching principal" requires less time in the office, and more time in classrooms. She explains how she makes the most of time with students and teachers.