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Here are two articles from the Choice Literacy archives to help you find the best read aloud to launch the year with your students.

Franki Sibberson is on a quest to find the perfect first read aloud. She shares her criteria and possibilities:

Mary Lee Hahn believes read alouds early in the year are all about helping students learn about each other. She describes her read aloud choices and activities Community First: Using Read Alouds to Strengthen Classroom Connections:

We’ve asked Choice Literacy contributors to share their plans for first read alouds. This week we share the choices of Donalyn Miller, Erin Ocon, Colby Sharp, Gretchen Taylor, and Katherine Sokolowski:

We’re also compiling favorite choices of contributors and subscribers on this Choice Literacy Pinterest board First Read Alouds:

The Global Read Aloud is a fun way to share a book with classrooms around the world. A book is chosen, and then classrooms around the world read it aloud at the same pace. Participants get together through Skype, Edmodo, Twitter, and other social media to discuss the book:


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Karen Terlecky writes about the importance of building understanding before more complex read alouds in Fireflies and Background Knowledge:

In this week’s video, Katie DiCesare reads aloud Sergio Saves the Day to her first graders as part of a unit on understanding literary characters:

Tony Keefer shares the three essential questions that guide his process of selecting first read alouds in Planning a Read Aloud Sequence to Launch the Year:

Leslie Woodhouse discovers a dollar store find takes on a life of its own in her preschool classroom in the delightful essay Potato the Crow. This would be a fun read aloud for adults who work with young children and watch them blur the lines between literacy, play, and fantasy:

That’s all for this week!