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Here are two features from the Choice Literacy archives to help you think through building community with technology.

Andrea Smith explores the value of peers helping each other learn to use new hardware in Unexpected Gifts: Technology and Community in the First Days of School:

In this podcast, Katie Cassidy shares Tech Tools for Our Youngest Learners:

In a new podcast, Pernille Ripp talks about Global Read Aloud, a great way for students and teachers to connect around the world with others reading the same book aloud:

Cathy Mere’s Pinterest board Parent Pages has some excellent articles and resources to share with families about the value of reading and play:


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Julie Johnson reflects on how technology is changing her own reading community, and builds on this knowledge to connect readers and writers in her classroom with others through the Internet:

Even if your district is blocking web video now, it won’t forever. As time goes on, schools will rely more and more on video available from the Internet for research and learning. In Helping Students Evaluate Online Video for Research, Bill Bass has practical advice for guiding middle and high school students as they assess everything from suspect sources to appalling comments on the Wild Wild Web:

Franki Sibberson shares tips on using Pinterest for Professional Development:

Franki Sibberson is also featured in this week’s video, where she shares some tips and strategies with her fourth graders for focusing and organizing their writing using examples from the web as mentor texts:

Looking for more tech tools for building community and literacy skills? There are many features available in the Technology section of the website:

That’s all for this week!


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Brenda Power is the founder of Choice Literacy. She worked for many years as a professor at the University of Maine and an editor at Stenhouse Publishers. Her publications as an author include Living the Questions and The Art of Classroom Inquiry. She has worked as a book editor and video producer for many of the authors featured at this site.

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